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For Kids

For Kids

Cal Book Coloring Pages

Please click below for several coloring pages from the Cal book series. Enjoy!

Download FortStMarksAndJuniperSpgsAndBlueberryColoringPageFeb2015.pdf

Submarine Maze

If you like doing puzzles, the below is for you.

Download Submarine Maze.pdf

Salvos on the Backwater Coloring Book

The below coloring and sketch book version of the award-winning novel is something you may like (just over 500KB).

Download SalvosOnTheBackwaterColoringBook.pdf

Florida Indian Tribes Location Coloring Page

The below is fun for coloring the locations of old Florida Indian tribes.

Download FloridaMapIndians.pdf

Barberville Pioneer Settlement Coloring Fun

The below are sketches of the Barberville Pioneer Settlement school and country store that I drew. Recommend paying them a visit; see

Download PioneerSettlementDrawingsSchoolStoreJun2015.pdf

Florida Wildflowers

Here's an activity page for our wildflowers....enjoy!

Download FWF single childrens page ejw.jpg