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Erwin's Projects

Jewelry Total Webpage Photo Aug09.jpg

A number of projects (too many!) are in progress. With his award-winning Salvos On The Backwater novel finished, Erwin has written a Florida historical article that should be published in the summer of 2010. Other writing projects are in progress as well. Also as shown in the upper left, he made a .99 Fine silver pendant using sheet silver and a micro torch. Some necklaces are next shown, with the upper right being a Limonite cubic crystal he found in a Rabun County GA creek. On the bottom left is an example of a broken china tulip he made into a fine silver pendant threaded through a sterling silver neck ring. Beside it is a sterling oranges and oyster shell pendant, and a small fine silver pendant made from a piece of the family's broken china. Erwin also continues to take photos. Some that have been published in the Orlando Sentinel are shown on the links page; e-mail or write if you would like a print.