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Cal Book Series


We have some great news! When Cal Went to Juniper Springs and When Cal Went to the Family Reunion are both recipients of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award®. Plus, we have a brand new book also, When Cal Went to the Blueberry Farm. All books are available in hardcover, softcover and ebook versions. ....When Cal Went to Juniper Springs is the story of young Cal who can't wait to visit Florida's Juniper Springs. Once there however, he finds a fawn in grave danger. Cal's dilemma is deciding what to do next. Connect your child with nature with this book. ....When Cal Went to the Family Reunion details young Cal's trip to his family reunion. On the way, he visits an old Spanish fort and some Indian mounds. Upon arrival at the reunion, Cal meets Uncle Wiley. Cal's challenge is to work with his uncle to create a drawing of the old family homestead, which will be a gift for his dad. Connect your child with the importance of family ties with this book. ....When Cal Went to the Blueberry Farm tells of Cal's trip to his Uncle Wiley's farm. Cal's challenge is to help expand the farm with a new blueberry patch despite the weather. Connect your child with where the food they eat comes from with this book, as well as encourage a healthy lifestyle. ....The Cal books may be ordered through,,, or your local bookstore. There also is an order form link on this website. Let us know what you think and thank you!


Here's a reader enjoying When Cal Went to Juniper Springs!