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Welcome to the Springs


Greetings from Cracker Springs! We have a stimulus package for you... Think about grabbing an inner tube and enjoying the cool rich spring water. Or sit in the nearby shade under a sprawling live oak draped with Spanish moss. Then, sit back and browse our blog news, new book, photography, projects, calendar, or links. Come back and see us!

When Cal Went to Juniper Springs, When Cal Went to the Family Reunion, and When Cal Went to the Blueberry Farm are all recipients of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award®. In addition, Salvos On The Backwater was selected as winner of the Patrick D. Smith Award for Florida historical fiction!!! Also, it has won two Royal Palm Literary Awards - one for fiction and one for fiction/non-fiction combined!!! Order any of them now, including from this webpage!

The above books are available in hardcover, softcover or eBook formats on, and !

Please pray for and support our troops.

The below image is from the Florida Photographic Collection and depicts Fort Harllee in north Florida during the Seminole Wars. Our address: ErwinWunderlich (at) yahoo . com removing the spaces, or use Publisher, P.O. Box 917492, Longwood, FL 32791


Florida events - assuming no hurricanes! See our Calendar link for a longer-term schedule):

April 28-29, 2018 High Springs, Florida Pioneer Festival

April 28-29, 2018 Apopka, Florida Art and Foliage Festival.